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MERS was back in the news again last week with the announcement that they were making additional information on the MERS “secret” system available to mortgagors.

That’s according to a press release issued by the Reston, VA-based data bank late last Friday afternoon to make sure as few people as possible actually saw it.

“Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, (MERS) announced today that investor information for loans registered on the MERS® System is now available to borrowers at no charge.”

We aren’t looking for the investor; they may or may not have a beneficial interest in the loan.

The originator doesn’t have a beneficial interest in the loan because the originator received the money before the borrower was ever identified.

The announcement is just another misdirection that allows MERS to continue the deception regarding the true creditor by illegally and fraudulently misrepresenting that someone other than the true creditor has a beneficial interest.

Here’s the challenge of the day: I’ll offer five MERS Identification Numbers (MIN) with signed borrower authorizations and see if I can be provided with the information they claim to track, the assignments of the note all the way from the borrower to the current holder and true beneficiary. They have yet to make that information public or provide it in discovery.

I believe the reason they won’t do that is that they know that this would reveal evidence of the note being duplicated and going to multiple pools. Not only were the loans designed to fail, but the scarcity of borrowers meant that many of them were used to fulfill more than one pool. If it’s all fraud, why not counterfeiting too?

MERS’ announcement is just another attempt to hide the information we already know. It’s like a bikini; what it reveals is interesting, but what it conceals is vital.

Eventually, a litigant or a government agency is going to get to the bottom of this and a whole lot of disturbing information is going to come to light. IF MERS were sincere, they would simply open their entire database to everyone.

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