“They’ve already admitted that they made the mistake. I just want them to come and fix it,”


ABC 12 Reports…

TUSCOLA COUNTY (WJRT) — (08/04/10)–He’s in Afghanistan, serving his country. Back home, his family is in a fight to preserve their home.

A Tuscola County family thought they had worked out everything with their lender through a program that helps military families facing foreclosure.

The family still has the home, or what’s left of it. Benjamin Kotzian’s wife and kids spent a few months with him in Texas before he was deployed to Afghanistan in June.

They arrived back home on Sunday, but it’s a far cry from the home sweet home they remember.

“It’s sad enough to have your husband leave, but then when you just want to come home and you come home to this,” said Michelle Kotzian.

Kotzian and her children came back home to different locks and broken door frames.

“I find my carpets ruined, I find broken pipes, I have no water, I can’t turn the water on,” she said.

In December, she contacted the bank which holds the mortgage on the Millington-area home she has owned for five years.

Kotzian told the bank her family was going to Texas to see her husband, Benjamin, before he was deployed to Afghanistan.

“I’m leaving in January,” she said. “I will be back five or six months later. My husband is deploying. We intend on coming back.”

She made the call because the family had just worked out a plan with the lender to avoid foreclosure with the help of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, which gives some protection to military families trying to keep their homes.

Shortly after she arrived in Texas, she got a call from a neighbor saying people were at her house.

“They come into the home, they are taking stuff out of the home,” she said.

Afraid that her home was being foreclosed on, she called the lender. She says the company admitted a mistake was made and the house was not in foreclosure.

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