CALL FOR ACTION: WINK gets results after case of bad bank communication


Excerpts from the report

LEE COUNTY, Fla. – WINK News fixes another case of bad bank communication.  Cape Coral homeowners spent a year trying to avoid a foreclosure.  Finally, they closed on a short sale; but their problems didn’t end there.  A few months after the bank got paid for that sale, the bank turned around and is suing the homeowners trying to foreclosure on the house they no longer own.

Finally, after three short sale offers fell through, Bank of America approved an offer for $128,000 in cash.  They closed on the sale in February.  The Schunemann’s nightmare was over; or so they thought.

“My husband said to me, a few weeks ago, opening the mail, ‘you are not going to be happy about this,’ and I took a look at it and I cannot believe that we are being sued by Countrywide,” she recalls.

That’s right.  Countrywide, now Bank of America, was taking the Schunemanns to court to foreclose on a property no longer in their possession.

After contacting the law firm that filed the foreclosure lawsuit, the Schunemanns say they haven’t heard one word, back.  They aren’t sure what will happen on their court date.

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Well I took the liberty of pulling the documents and posted them below.


Lis Pendens

Assignment of Mortgage

And the Kicker…

Release and Satisfaction of Mortgage that they are being sued upon…

MERS shows this mortgage is active (?) and is a Fannie Mae loan.  Why is this booked as an active loan?  Where did the money from the short sale go?  What financial institutions are benefiting from booking this loan as active?  And how are they benefiting?

MIN:1001337-0001671375-5 Note Date:09/21/2006 MIN Status:Active
Servicer: BAC Home Loans Servicing, LP Phone:(800) 669-6607
Simi Valley, CA
Investor: Fannie Mae Phone:(202) 752-7000
Washington, DC



Schunemann – Civil Docket
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Schunemann – Lis Pendens
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Schunemann – Assignment of Mortgage
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Schunemann – Release of Mortgage
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