Whoa… That is some pretty strong language, and once again, it is coming out of “mainstream” media…

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Sink, McCollum, Scott–Three the Hard Way

Excerpts from the report…

Alex Sink, Bill McCollum and Rick Scott are major candidates in the race to become Governor of Florida. None of the candidates is perfect or pristine and, in my humble opinion, African American voters may be considering casting their ballots for the lesser of three evils instead of two.

It’s common knowledge that the State of Florida is one of America’s safest havens for predatory lenders, ponzi schemers and financial crooks. Florida was home to the Madoffs and Rothsteins, and a favorite spot for the Wells Fargos and Freemont Investment and Loan companies that swindled thousands of Floridians out of their investments and concocted illegal residential foreclosure actions.

Both Sink and McCollum should know or should have known that financial criminals were not only robbing individual citizens, the crooks were also playing loose and free with money that the financial criminals owed local governments for transfer fees, assignment fees and other government financial transaction fees.

There is an electronic recording system devised by and for the convenience of predatory lenders and financial criminals called “MERS”. This system allows financial crooks to “document” changes in property title ownerships.

Both Sink and McCullom knew or should have known that the use of MERS to document or change titles, transfers and assignments of properties in Florida is illegal.

Why? Because use of MERS breaks the chain of title, allows criminals to get away without paying local government fees and is an explicit and factual violation of Florida Law!

Can I prove it? Yes!

Florida Statute 701.02 specifically states that “(1) An assignment of a mortgage upon real property or any interest therein, is not good or effectual in law or equity, against creditors or subsequent purchasers, for a valuable consideration, and without notice, unless the assignment is contained in a document that, in its title, indicates an assignment of mortgage and is recorded according to law.”

Things are certainly starting to get interesting…

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