(Since the prior photo wasn’t clearly enough a mock-up, I chose to put a photo of one of the real guards in its place)

If anyone else has a story like this, please let us know so we can stop this madness…

Since when were our courts restricted to the public!

Comment from a follower of the site…

I need support.  here in Duval County Courts, as of July 1st, they have instituted a “Foreclosure Court” and my case was transferred there.  I visitied the Court House today and went to the 5th Floor where the Court has been created.  When the elevator door opened, I was greeted by a police officer, fully armed and he ask me where I was going.  I replied “the new foreclosure court”  He repsonded, “Are you an attorney?”  I said “no, I am a pro-se defendant, defending my home.”  He says “You can’t go in there, only attorney’s are allowed”  When I ask why he responded “It’s a safety issue!”  I said “I have already been searched and scanned at the door, what’s the issue?”  He says, “Not my rule, don’t shoot the messenger”  He then called back to the mysterious “backroom” court and a bubbly, one week new, representative appeared.  “Hi I’m Rachael” I told her that I needed to get hearing time and she said she could not help as she is new, but took my phone number and vowed to call me.  Why are the PEOPLE being shut out?  The case has been pending for five years, I always had access to the Judge and his Judical Assistant prior to this NEW court, now I am not even allowed in the court room area.  This is frightful, to say the least.  What happened to “of the people, by the people and for the people”? Please, any assistance you can give will be greatly appreciated.  God Bless