Rise, The American Lion

The story of the financial meltdown and its connection to the subprime  mortgage mess is a peculiarly American phenomena even though the ripple effects spread throughout the world.  Because it is a peculiarly American phenomena,   it will take a peculiarly American solution to resolve it.

If you have studied the unfolding collapse of the banking system,  you come to see fairly quickly that the problems are systemic meaning it is part of the system.  You can’t fix this little part and expect the wheels to come back on the cart.  The problem is the system.

The politicians and the bankers are busy trying to put the wheels back on the cart and refuse to see that the axles are broken,  the main spars which hold the frame together are rotted and all of the fasteners are rusted clean through.    When do you realize the rig is thoroughly amortized and there is nothing left.  It’s walk until you can find a new ride.

Great forces are moving,  you can feel it as you experience life in these United States.  No one I know really talks about it,   some do.  Some groups are preparing for … who knows what?  And it is all lost in the noise of incessant TV.   Things large in the body politic are moving.   It has yet to coalesce or manifest.  Thems that control the money have screwed things up royally and “they” don’t want “us” to take a look at “their”  business.  Much too complicated for mere mortals,  of course.

The (perhaps) well intentioned effort to bring a level of computerization to the recording process in real estate transactions (MERS) has in it the inherent flaw of separating the deed from the debt.  This allowed the wizards to more quickly securitize the mortgages into structured products while avoiding the expense of recording ownership changes at the county courthouse.  Securitization obliterates the identity of the true owner of beneficial interest.    The chain of title has been obliterated,  no one knows who owns what.

Readers of this blog know the history of the rebirth of the American Lion.  If you don’t,  you can read the genesis herehere, here here,  and here.   But for a quick recap,  here you go.

Corporations are people too,  or so has ruled SCOTUS,  and these corporation people are on a rampage.  But a corporation is a paper person.  How do you physically detain corporations,  paper people?  Mr. Geeai wants to feed someone to the Lions.  The law (currently) frowns against feeding people to Lions,  but there is no law against feeding corporations to Lions,  if you can find a Lion.   How can Mr. Geeai feed corporations to the Lions?  Can we find a Lion who can operate in the world of corporations?  Could we sell tickets?

There is a way to feed corporations to the Lions.  But first,  there must be a Lion.

While researching out the Barbary Lion,  the extinct kitty who prowled the Roman Coliseums,   I discovered there is a much older,  much larger cat better suited for the purpose.  A distinctly American cat who has been extinct a little longer than the Barbary Lion (35,000 years v 100 years).  He hunted in prides and he was bigger than any other lion out there rivaling the Saber Tooth Tiger in size and,  no doubt,  ferocity.  He was over 8 ft. long and probably weighed in between 800 & 1000 pounds.  His head was twice and a half as large as an African Lion’s head and half again as big as a European Cave Lion (also extinct).  He roamed western North America from up into the Canadian Rockies,  south through Mexico and Central America,  west to the Pacific Coast.  He was the biggest Lion ever.  He was the American Lion.

So the Lion we release on the banking corporations who have so ruined everything is a resurrected American Lion.  The American Lion is the homeowner who is current in his mortgage,  is (relatively) strong financially and is willing to pick up the weapon the big banks left behind them and release upon their backsides.   The weapon the big banks left behind is MERS and you use it by filing a clear chain of title action.    The whole time the court action is going on,  you make your regular mortgage payment to the court to be held until such time as there is resolution.  By doing so,  you deprive the system of desperately needed cash flow,  cash flow held by the courts and safe until the wheels of the court spin their rounds.

Recent studies in Lion behavior tells us the reason Lions form into prides is not to have better success at hunting.  A more apt description would be the Prides are more like street gangs protecting their turf from all threats.  It’s the Sharks and the Jets,  the Crips and the Bloods,  the White Shoe Boys and the American Lions.

Angry about what has happened to your retirement account?

You are the American Lion~!

Angry about bailing out the banks and getting absolutely nothing in return other than abuse by shaving or curtailing lines of credit,  enormous increase in fees and fraudulent use of processing to inflict those fees?

You are the American Lion~!

Angry about how they have taken your house away from you because they split the deed from the debt leaving you with no clear chain of title?

You are the American Lion~!

You don’t need JoeBama,  you don’t need your congressman,  you don’t need your senator,  you don’t need to vote,  you don’t need to sign a petition,  you don’t need to join a special interest group,  you don’t need any leaders,  you don’t need any of that.   You just need to…

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