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Thank you to member Shirley who assisted in the research for this post.

Shapiro Fishman.


Shapiro Fishman, foreclosure mill extraordinaire, is a part of the “Shapiro Family” headed by Godfather Gerald Shapiro who has a foreclosure of his very own to “keep it real”.

In a separate case, Shapiro Fishman filed a document admitting that Linda Green, a class act robosigner, had no authority to sign on behalf of MERS on 10/17/2008.

Very interesting admission.

Let’s take a look at another Shapiro Fishman foreclosure case.

Martin County, Florida. Clay Wade’s foreclosure.

Linda Green had no authority to sign on behalf of MERS on 10/17/2008. SF corrective asg.pdf

It is unclear if she had the authority to do so on 9/18/2008, but assuming she did not…

STRIKE ONE: Assignment of Mortgage #1: DocX Linda Green on behalf of MERS dated 9/18/08 Wade SF-LINDA-GREENMERS-AOM-REC9-15-08.pdf

STRIKE TWO: Assignment of Mortgage #2: Shapiro Fishman AOM dated 4/30/10 based on the transfer detailed in the incorrect DocX AOM from 2008 Wade AOM-REC-4-30-10-TONYA HOPKINS.pdf

STRIKE THREE: Assignment of Mortgage #3 Shapiro Fishman Corrective AOM, that is facially incorrect in and of itself, referring to US Bank’s capacity on AOM#1 (US Bank was not mentioned in AOM #1), referring to the AOM recorded on April 30, 2008. (There were no recorded AOMs on April 30, 2008. The previous two AOMs were recorded on SEPT 18, 2008 and APRIL 30, 2010.) Wade CORRECTEAOMREC6-23-10.pdf

What in the heck is going on over there? I guess we should stay tuned for AOM #4 Shapiro Fishman Corrective Assignment of the Corrective Assignment?

Most Florida judges have no issue with this insufficient, inadmissible, hearsay “evidence” upon which a family is evicted, dispossessed of their home and storehouse of wealth. Gotta clear 62% of the foreclosure case backlog above all else! JUDGES AGAINST THE BACKLOG UNITE!

The moral of the story is simply this, another family loses their American home in a wrongful foreclosure.