“I guess I’d like GMAC to acknowledge the fact that they really blew it on this one… and when I hear them complain that they are not getting any resolutions to their problems, you just laugh and the more you hear, about other mortgage companies and the way they mess up everybody, it kind of serves them all right,”

Dead daughter foreclosed on

FORT MYERS, Fla. – A woman’s daughter is killed. She wants to sell her daughter’s home, but says the bank doesn’t know what it’s doing and bungled the sale. Fed up, she called, “Call for Action” for help.

Charlotte Pierce’s daughter, Tracy, was hit by a car and killed in December of 2009.

“I’ve cried so much, and you know, you lose a daughter and you still cry; again and again and again… To be called in the middle of the night, we think we have your daughter at the hospital in the emergency room is just beyond horrendous… you should not have children dying,” Charlotte tells WINK.

A couple of years earlier, Tracy had purchased a townhouse in the same development as her parents. She had a steady job and a loan she was capable of paying every month.

Her mother described Tracy as, “financially independent and as an accountant, everything was very well organized.”

Charlotte tells us it took a few tries before the bank, GMAC, finally got the paperwork about Tracy’s death.

“I faxed them copies of the death certificate, probably two or three times, and each time it went to a new department, and each time it went to a new fax number, so I finally sent it certified mail,” she recalls.

But Charlotte says the communication mishaps didn’t end there.

“They tell me that her credit rating will be ruined. Like it matters. I mean you know, again and again and again we’ve been told Tracy’s going to lose her good credit rating,” she tells us.

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