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“Two days before Darius was due to be evicted, he poured flammable liquids throughout his home and set it on fire.”


In August, a man was found dead in a suspicious fire on Putnam Drive in the Ogden area.

Published reports say the death of Peter Darius has been ruled as a suicide.

Darius once owned the home on Putnam Drive, but lost it earlier in the year in a foreclosure.  Neighbors said he had lived in the home for about 15 years.

Darius’ neighbors said he tinkered with lawn equipment in his garage and built things such as windmills and sheds. He painted the shed fluorescent yellow with green trim

The shed, and other additions to his property, led to a dispute with Planters Walk HOA Inc., which governs Darius’ neighborhood. Planters Walk began fining Darius $100 a day for the shed, a white picket fence and planters because they violated the association’s covenants.

Planters Walk put a lien on his home, despite Darius paying nearly $50,000 in fines. Eventually, his home was foreclosed, because Darius still owed $24,591 in fines and dues.

Disputes such as the one between Darius and Planters Walk illustrate the power, lack of regulation and lack of accountability homeowners associations have in North Carolina, according to a General Assembly committee’s draft report.

In March, the home was sold to Henry Herring Jr. for $83,578.84 at public auction, according to records from the New Hanover County Register of Deeds. The home’s appraised value was $179,233, according to county tax records.

Last week, he said, he notified Darius to leave the home by Tuesday. (Eviction Letter Below)

He checked on the home Sunday after running an errand in Hampstead. Herring said he drove down Putnam Drive, saw the caution tape about a block away, swore to himself and kept driving.

Herring said Sunday that no one called him about the fire before he happened by the scene.

“I basically had to find out on my own that the house I had just purchased – and had not been able to step foot into yet – is no longer there,” Herring said.

“They won’t let us know what all I can tell the insurance company.”

Compassionate guy this Mr. Herring is…

Someone is dead and all he cares about is what to tell the insurance company…

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Darius Eviction Letter
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