Let’s Get Ready to Rummmbblle…

Shapiro & Fishman
David J. Stern


Richman Greer
Tew Cardenas

The extremely interesting dispute attached brings many issues & questions to mind at first glance. I’m sure we will all have many more questions after we read this document in it’s entirety.

1. Any and all depos that took place including but not limited to the following (court reporter confirms that David J Stern was deposed but will not release the depo unless written permission obtained from either party)

1. The Nov 6, 2009 deposition of David J Stern (page 107 is the agreed order compelling this depo)
2. January 13th depo of Barry Fishman @ Universal Court Reporting in Ft. Lauderdale
3. January 12th depo of Eileen Cooper, of Shapiro Fishman
4. LPS, American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc, and Specialized Loan Processing

2. What are the cases (county & case numbers) in question so that the defendants are aware that the critical documents may be missing. Also, we could watch what is fabricated in those cases and examine the produced “evidence” carefully.

3. How was Stern producing all those original documents needed to foreclose on thousands of cases if his office doesn’t have them?


Check it out below…

More to come, I promise…




Shapiro & Fishman  v  David J. Stern  =  Richman Greer  v  Tew Cardenas