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Julius Sossu who allegedly stabbed his landlord to death. Photo: OKOLIE IFEANYI

Man murders landlord over eviction notice

The police in Lagos on September 15, 2010 paraded a 45-year-old man, Julius Sossu, who allegedly stabbed his landlord to death after being given a notice to quit his one-room apartment located at Morogbo area of Ikorodu in Lagos State.

Mr Sossu had on September 9, 2010 at about 6am woken his landlord, John Olatunji, aged 65, on the pretext that smoke was coming out of his car.

Panicked, Mr Olatunji went to see for himself. But as he checked the car, Mr Sossu then stabbed him severally on the head and stomach.

He said his landlord had continually disturbed his peace, the latest time involving him and his landlord fighting for three days over him quiting his abode before he stabbed him to death.

“Last September when him first give me notice, him force me to sign. So this time when he inform me say he want to write quit notice give me, I tell am make him wait. Na from there problem start,” said Mr Sossu.

Mr Sossu who claimed to be a block moulder, said both him and his landlord attended the same white-garment church in their neighbourhood, adding that he was not in his senses on the morning he stabbed his landlord.

“I no know dey thing I dey do at that moment. I no know why I dey carry knife,” he said, however denying he was suffering from any mental illness..

The police spokesman, Frank Mba said the suspect was not happy his landlord had asked him to quit by the end of September and decided to injure him, with the intention of making him change his mind.


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