Fighting Foreclosure Fraud

My good friend Andrew Delaney started this petition over at today.

I call him a friend, a good friend, not because we have a history together, but because of his actions in this crisis that we as Americans are facing.

I have only had the pleasure of meeting him in person, just once, for a short period of time, when he drove all the way down from Massachusetts to Florida to attend our last Happy Hour event in Palm Beach County.

Talk about being into the fight for justice…

Anyway, enough of that…

Let’s check out what he put together today at and the petition that needs to be signed by everyone who reads this post.

He set a goal of 500, I say let’s make it 5000, then 50,000, then 500,000…

Now is the time…

USA National Foreclosure Moratorium NOW

Targeting: The President of the United States, The U.S. Senate, and The U.S. House of Representatives
Started by: Andrew Delaney

This petition is to request that ALL of OUR elected Officials consider making this their #1 Issue Immediately.

This foreclosure crisis is growing exponentially and needs attention. There are questions regarding the legal aspects of what is happening in OUR courts.

Foreclosures are being processed, aka…Rocket Docket style, in FL and in many other states nationwide. Including both Judicial and Non-Judicial states.

If we dont ACT NOW we will have a country full of empty houses. For what purpose? The Housing market is scarily sluggish and the glut will continue as Americans leave their homes without knowing If they ever really had to.

Look at the TRUTH

Some light is being shed on this as a possibility , but, only in a selected 23 states? And by GMAC and not OUR Elected Officials?

There should be a USA National Foreclosure Moratorium NOW & Until Further Notice instituted by these same elected officials.

Please HELP to support this cause.

Your VOICE Still Counts. Thank You America.

Now get over to and sign the petition by clicking here…

If you want to view our entire video of our “Rally in Tally” go here…

I suggest you do.

I look forward to having a history/making history with Mr Delaney on these matters…

YOU can make a difference.

Now get over to and sign the damn petition…