In the memo, Chase says it believes the factual information given in the affidavits are accurate and not affected by whether or not the signer knew the details.

Factual information eh??

Explain this then…

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JPMorgan Chase warns attorneys of possible foreclosure robo-signers

JPMorgan Chase last night alerted attorneys that employees in its foreclosure operations unit may have signed affidavits without personally reviewing the documents, the same issue that has recently plagued GMAC Mortgage, according to a memo obtained by HousingWire.

According to the memo, Chase has begun to re-examine documents it has filed in current foreclosure proceedings to verify the documents were reviewed as required by the courts. A request for official comment from JPMorgan has been filed.

Thomas Kelly, a spokesman for JPMorgan Chase, has confirmed information in the memo to HousingWire.

“It has come to our attention that in some cases employees in our mortgage foreclosure operations may have signed affidavits about loan documents on the basis of file reviews done by other personnel – without the signer personally having reviewed those loan files,” Kelly said.

The rest can be read here…

What about all of the verification of complaints that were filed due to the Florida Supreme Court order under penalty of pejury???

Looking for the memo next…