September 26, 2010

RE: Chase Home Finance, LLC – Across America: Wrongful foreclosures & Corrupted Land Records

Dear Mr. Richard Cordray,

On November 5, 2009, the State of Ohio filed a civil lawsuit against American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc (“AHMSI”). To me, a non-lawyer, the focus of that lawsuit against a Texas company doing business across America, is AMHSI’s modus operadi of predatory mortgage servicing including foreclosure “manufacturing” practices.

Today, Attorney Generals across America, including California, Illinois, Texas, and Iowa, are opening investigations into Ally Financial after its own alarming admission of “technical deficiencies” and “procedural errors” in foreclosure actions that dispossess families of their American homes and effectively eradicate the families’ stability, perhaps forever.

In Franklin County Ohio sits a unit of Chase Home Finance, LLC. Sir, this company begs for an investigation by your agency. The wrongful acts that continue unabated include the same ones for which you are investigating AHMSI and the same ones to which Ally Financial has admitted.

Chase Home Finance, LLC employees, what we foreclosure fraud fighters call “robosigners”. These are low level employees that are bestowing a dubious “signing authority” for tens of financial institutions in order to fabricate the necessary paperwork in order to evict a family from their home. Then, in the event further documentation is required to create and clear a marketable chain of title, they are at the ready, pens in hand!

Beth Cottrell is one such employee of Chase Home Finance, LLC. She, and her cohorts (Whitney K Cook, Dana Heisel, Stacy Spohn, etc), have signed hundreds of thousands of assignments of mortgage, allonges to promissory notes, affidavits of indebtedness, affidavits of lost instruments, answers to interrogatories, and verifications of Florida foreclosure actions signed under penalty of perjury. Ms. Cottrell admits in an attached deposition that she reads nothing, reviews nothing, and defines personal knowledge as being confident that someone else has personal knowledge.

The assignments of mortgage in question litter America’s land records. These robosigners are employees of Chase Home Finance who, by some legal slight of hand, are attorneys-in-fact for thousands of REMIC trusts. They sign on behalf of now defunct mortgage originators, often via MERS (an electronic mortgage database), from the originator to the foreclosing entity. In doing so, they are transferring property under the guise of being a representative of the grantor when they are employees of the grantee or a shell name of the grantee. The grantee is the foreclosing entity who is creating the evidence upon which they will evict another family from their American home, perhaps the only shelter available to them, and often is the sole proof of the entitlement to foreclose.

To avoid belaboring the point, I will attach several examples for your review after doing so, please see the deposition where “robo-signer” Beth Cottrell denies any “personal knowledge” or even a cursory glance at the facts of the case. The documents provided highlight Beth Cottrell, who is only one of many similarly employed human document processors (aka “robo-signers”) at Chase Home Finance, LLC. Please take note that Ms. Cottrell is signing the assignments of mortgage posing as a representative of the grantor, when she is employed by the grantee (or some incarnation of the grantee by a dubious or elusive corporate resolution) who is the foreclosing entity or Attorney-in-Fact-For the foreclosing entity.

This is but one example of one signer’s documents filed in one state. Millions of families across America are being evicted from the only homes they know, dispossessed of their storehouse of wealth, based on documents such as these, without any other competent evidence whatsoever.

Also attached is the vociferous objection to the taking of Ms. Cottrell’s coworker, Whitney K. Cook, and a small sampling of the documents she has signed.

Will Chase Home Finance start withdrawing these documents as has Ally Financial? They have already started doing so in Florida.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.


Lisa Epstein



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