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From a reader of this site…

A Sales Executive for a well known Recording Studio Company promoting Latin Artists like Julio Iglesia, Willie Chirino, Charlie Zaa, Rickie Martin and others has died of a heart attack due to the pressures of foreclosure by GMAC.

He was laid off and after a few months had problems in paying his mortgage in the Doral area and this is when his nightmare began.

On or around 2006, he signed a note and a mortgage with Homecomings Financial Network, Inc.

On or around 04/02/2009, GMAC Mortgage LLC, started foreclosure procedure without being the owner of the note and mortgage as it is now common knowledge.

On or around 06/2009, two months after filing the foreclosure action, an Assignment of Mortgage signed by JEFFREY STEPHAN is recorded in public records of Miami-Dade County, Florida.

This man, tried to defend his foreclosure the best he could….hired a local attorney, who like most attorneys defending foreclosures could not believe the plaintiff and their attorneys would commit fraud……but did the best he could to defend the case, including recommending the filing of bankruptcy.

During all this time, with the foreclosure cloud on his head, of losing his house and having nightmares of going to leave under a bridge, because he had not other place to go, the tension was greater and greater and his heart could not stand this pressure……a few months ago, he died of a heart attack…..he could not take the pressure anymore.

This man was a very good friend of my Brother and a few days ago while talking to my brother and with my new recent acquired knowledge of foreclosure fraud, learned from Matt Weidner, Ice Legal, 4closurefraud, foreclosure hamlet and others, I decided to check on their case…..and I found that the Assignment of Mortgage was signed by one of the well known Robo-Signers, MR. JEFFREY STEPHAN…….signing 10,000 documents a month…and this is when I decided to send their story to you with two attachments, the Docket Entry to see the history of the foreclosure and the Assignment of Mortgage signed by Mr. Jeffrey Stephan…….

I dont have any more documents with me but I could get them directly from the widow.

She gave me permission to make her story public and you can contact her directly…

It is my opinion that the media should make this story public and let the plaintiffs and their attorneys, servers, robo signers and judges, know that every time they have signed a document via FRAUD in a foreclosure action, they are hurting innocent people.

Thanks to the good work of ICE LEGAL, It is now public knowledge that Mr. JEFFREY STEPHAN committed fraud on the documents he has signed and/or file with the courts…….the death of this man, is a result of his actions and he should be made aware.

Media, give me a call if you are interested in telling this story…