From The Hamlet…

After rushing to the CNN affiliate studio upon 2 hours notice, filming a 30 minute interview without one second of preparation, announcing the broadcast, waiting anxiously for it’s showing, ……waiting…..waiting….waiting….

My 30 min CNN interview with Mary Snow on the foreclosure crisis, including the defiling of our nation’s judiciary and land records, was deemed “too complex and too confusing for CNN’s audience“.

It was preempted for breaking news about a Canadian pig incident

Collective nouns for pigs: a drift,team or herd of pigs; when a group is being moved they are a drove of pigs; young ones are a litter, a farrow of piglets, a sounder of wild pigs, a passel of hogs, a group of boars is singular.

Wish I had one of these for bankers’ associations in every state & a special one for those of the Wall Street investment ilk & their lobbyists as well….