Sorry for the late notice on this.

We will work on getting an archived copy as well…

Local Listeners, Florida Treasure Coast area, can tune in to 1450 am

Station Site

Looks like they may have streaming as well.

We will be going on air with Ramsey Harris, the disabled vet that had his belongings trashed out by jackbooted thugs.

You see see the story here…

Now I am PISSED – Disabled Vet Evicted, Home Trashed Out, Property Stolen By Jack Booted Thugs

Posted by Foreclosure Fraud on September 19, 2010 · 

Harris said he received a notice on Tuesday that he would be evicted on Thursday ~ “He (banks attorney) was just outright nasty with it,” Harris said. “He just said, ‘Get a room, put your stuff in storage, buy the house and then move back in.’” ~ “I’m a about to burst into tears right … Read more

Anyway, check it out if you can…