Uh oh…

This can’t be good…

Anyone paid off a mortgage in the last decade?

And on an even more important note, did you get your original documents returned when you did?

From The Hamlet

Onanism: Robosigners Satisfying Themselves. Hello? Yooo Hooo! It’s ALSO the Satisfactions of Mortgage!

Brian Bly, Robosigner featured in the news here and here, executes satisfactions of mortgage (along with assignments of mortgage, affidavits, & more) for many national banks and servicers in many states. Strangely, all of these documents are notarized in Florida, where his true employer Nationwide Title Clearing is located.

US Bank Brian Bly in AZ but notarized in FL.pdf

CitiMortgage Brian Bly in MD not in FL.pdf

GMAC Brian Bly CO not in FL.pdf

Plus, I am no handwriting expert but…

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Jeff Geon executed this satisfaction but the notary swore that the document was signed by Alicia Wood

CitiMortgage Jeff Geon not for different signer.pdf

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Oooppppssss, DIS-satisfied predator’s name and then corrected!

Scrivener’s error satisfaction.pdf

Corrective Satisfaction of Mortgage.pdf

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John Kennerty (aka Herman John Kennerty) robosigner for Wells Fargo. See more info here.

HSBC Kennerty.pdf


Examples of satisfactions done at the …………ahem………….Law Offices of David J Stern. (Policy and procedure manual here leaving much question regarding the authenticity and validity of any Stern documents.)

Citimortgage Stern.pdf

Citimortgage Stern Satisfaction2.pdf




And to finish off the list…

Linda Green…

Toxic Titles Part Deux – Linda Green of Docx (et al?) Did NOT Have Signing Authority on Behalf of MERS

Posted by Foreclosure Fraud on September 29, 2010 · 

TOXIC TOXIC TOXIC TOXIC TOXIC TITLES TITLES TITLES TITLES Oh oh… This could be bad… Back in August I published this report that Linda Green did not have signing authority on behalf of (MERS). Now the interesting thing is it wasn’t a “deadbeat homeowner”, a “loose cannon consumer advocate” or a “sleazy foreclosure defense attorney” … Read more

If Linda Green did NOT have signing authority on behalf of (MERS), what about the thousands upon thousands of mortgage satisfactions that she signed on behalf of MERS? (Not to mention her signature never matches, see here)

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There is plenty more where that came from, all you have to do is look.

Aren’t you “Deadbeats” glad you haven’t paid?

Looks like the satisfactions of mortgage are just as screwed up as the rest of their documents…

This sure is getting interesting…