Dear President Obama,

I’m a centrist Democrat; many I work with are Democrats, but plenty are Republicans.  Most of us are in our 30’s and 40’s, but plenty of us are older and plenty younger.  Many of us are college graduates, but some have no degrees.  Some are wealthy; many are poor.  Some are decorated veterans and some never served in the military.

We work together for a common cause.  On its face we are working to stop foreclosures but our genuine mission is deeper: we see the very fabric of our country being ripped apart and are working to protect it.

We have watched rocket dockets where lying lawyers use forged documents to argue to crooked and corrupt judges, who openly admit to having pre-judged cases.  We regularly watch reckless, irresponsible, dishonest bankers who have benefited from $13 trillion in direct and indirect subsidies label their victims — people they lent money to knowing the borrowers did not understand the terms and could never repay — demean their victims while ignoring or even denying their own massive bailout.

The bailed-out bankers are relentless in their self-righteous sense of entitlement and disregard for the law.  They even attacked and tried to censor the key deposition that exposed the rot from this very website; this site that has done more than your entire federal government to expose fraud, corruption, and criminal behavior hurting countless American men, women and children.

I have watched the children in foreclosure court cry as their parents lose their homes in 30-second rigged hearings.  I’ve watched the elderly, talked into taking loans by sub-prime thieves, loans they neither needed, wanted, nor understood, hobble out on canes and walkers after their 30-seconds into homelessness.  I have millions of computer records, and I’m aiming to add tens of millions more, that definitively show the fraud runs to the very core of our national fabric and is so pervasive it was systematically perpetrated and is systemic to the bailed-out too-big-to-fail bankers.

I just watched your 2004 Democratic address.  You reaffirmed the declaration of independence; the right of all people to life, liberty, and happiness.  You articulated your disgust when our civil rights are trampled, citing specifically the right to due process.  You articulated that “people don’t expect government to solve all their problems, but they sense deep in their bones that with just a slight change in priorities we can make sure that every child in America has a decent shot at life.”  You elicited your disgust when government sits idly by, ignoring deep problems.

More than that you affirmed that we’re on America, not Republicans, not Democrats, but Americans.  You ran on a platform of hope, a promise of change.  President Obama, you’ve failed us.  You’ve failed the American public, the history of our country, and even the future of your own children.  You’ve allowed crooked, dishonest, bankers, and their crooked, dishonest attorneys, and their crooked, dishonest lobbyists to take over the government and put into place the worst reverse Robin Hood policy seen since the great depression.  Bush started it, but you allowed it continue.

Hope.  Change.  The time is now.

We call on you to take the immediate steps:

* Devote no less than 5,000 federal agents to investigate the banking and foreclosure mess.  Agree to arrest any banker that lied to their borrowers or investors, arrest any lawyer who conspired to violate the laws of our country, arrest any public official — including state judges and federal regulators — who trampled our civil rights or ignored their responsibilities.

* Make it clear to the bankers that they have blown it and do not give them one more cent.  Tell Congress that any bill authorizing any more bailout money will be vetoed.  Leave no ambiguity that there will not be a bailout for fraud in any way, shape, or form.

* Dissolve Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; replace the Board of Directors at AIG and GMAC, and mandate the new Board fire every manager at the director level or above.

* Fire Tim Geither.  Do not let him resign; publicly terminate him for incompetence.

* Declare that any bank that does not agree to immediately and unconditionally cease all foreclosures must pay the the Federal Reserve the highest interest rate they have charged any borrower of any subsidiary.

* Invite us to the table to discuss these issues like you’ve repeatedly invited the bankers that caused this mess.

A reckless Republican Congress sent de-regulatory banking legislation to a reckless Democratic President who signed it.  A corrupt and incompetent Republican Treasury Secretary and President created legislation passed by a strong-armed corrupt and incompetent Democratic Congress.  Using your own words this is not a blue state problem, this is not a red state problem, this is an American problem.It is long passed time that you step up to the plate and bring some of that hope and change that you promised, and that we Americans, of all political persuasions, of all ages, of all races, of all backgrounds, desperately need.

President Obama, we need back the guy that we voted for to lead us out of this mess.

Michael Olenick
olenick – at –