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BOMBSHELL- The Florida Foreclosure Judge’s Bench Book

This may be my most important and most valuable post yet.  I have come into possession of a document which is purported to have been distributed to the judges that are hearing foreclosure cases across the State of Florida.

The Foreclosure Bench Book is a very valuable resource that every defense practitioner should be using as part of our efforts to assist the judiciary in deciding these foreclosure cases.  The Bench Book is just a book, it’s not The Bench Bible, but to the extent it is helpful, it would be most valuable to reference and cite the book in support of your cases.

The release of this important document truly is a valuable resource for all of us involved in the ethical fight and the defense and protection of our courts.  We should all be working for a uniform and consistent body of foreclosure law and rules across the state and the proliferation of this important document will only help in that effort.


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The Florida Foreclosure Judge’s Bench Book