If you could, please state your full name for the record.

THE WITNESS:  My name is Hollan Fintel.
MR. IMMEL:  And, if we can, Counsel.
MR. SMITH:  Culver Smith from West Palm Beach representing the witness, Ms. Fintel.
MS. HILL:  Suzanne Hill with Rumberger, Kirk  & Caldwell.  I am co-counsel with Mr. Smith for Ms. Fintel, and I’m also counsel for Florida Default Law Group.  I am here to the extent that the — what I believe to be the subject matter or one of the subject matters of the deposition is an  Assignment of Mortgage executed by Ms. Fintel while she was an employee of Florida Default Law Group.
MR. GANO:  I’m Jeff Gano on behalf of the  Plaintiff.

I bet you can tell me all about the deposition with out even reading it…

If interested, you can check it out in full below…

Where have we seen this name, Hollan Fintel before?

Oh yea…

Here we go…

Judge Traynor – “The court was misled” by the Florida Default Law Group – August Hearing set to Decide on Sanctions

Posted by Foreclosure Fraud on May 26, 2010 · 

When it rains, it pours… Foreclosure foul-up could cause court penalties for lawyers A judge says the firm gave false information; state also investigating. By Steve Patterson A law firm under state investigation for its handling of foreclosure cases could face court sanctions in St. Johns County for giving a judge false information about who … Read more



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Full Deposition of Hollan Fintel from Florida Default Law Group
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