Huber v GMAC

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St. Petersburg Times

Tampa Bay homeowners claim GMAC ‘robo-signers’ drove their foreclosures

By Richard Danielson, Times Staff Writer

TAMPA — Four Tampa Bay area homeowners are suing what used to be GMAC, claiming the company used “robo-signers” to foreclose on their homes illegally.

The plaintiffs are Geoffrey Huber, who owns a house in Spring Hill; Beatriz D’Amico-Souza of Land O’Lakes; and Michael and Tina Unsworth of Hudson.

Their $5 million lawsuit was filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Tampa. It seeks class-action status for “tens of thousands” of Florida homeowners with mortgages serviced by GMAC, now known as Ally Financial.

The suit accuses the company of an “abusive, fraudulent, deceptive and unfair scheme” to obtain the plaintiffs’ homes “by systematically fabricating evidence in the form of fraudulent affidavits” used in foreclosure cases.

An Ally spokesman said in an e-mail that an internal review of foreclosure sale files in 23 states, plus an independent review of the company’s overall foreclosure process in all 50 states “found no evidence of any inappropriate foreclosures.”

“The average property is not foreclosed on until the mortgage is unpaid for 18 months,” Ally spokesman Jim Olecki said. “Additionally, the borrower has the ability to contest the foreclosure and bring the loan current at any time.

“We believe the claims in this lawsuit are meritless,” Olecki said, “and will examine and defend it appropriate to the circumstances.”

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Huber v GMAC Robo-signer Class Action Complaint
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