“So, from the mind of a 15 veteran of foreclosure, I say this to you all. Forget about suicide. It’s counterproductive to the problem. You’d only be helping the enemy and is that really what you want? You want to help an enemy to destroy the Greatest Nation in the Planet Earth’s history? Even in your deepest depths of depression, and yes, I’ve been there, just check out the graffiti on the walls in the Valley of depression to find my initials, I don’t think you really want to add to the ruination of this country.”


It is long but well worth the read…


Hey all who read this! There seems nothing in this group yet so, as a former foreclosure survivor, I thought I’d add in my 2 cents.

First, a little Personal History

I lost 9 properties to bank fraud back in the mid 90’s.

I tried to legally fight them, but who knew how and the legal system was more than hopeless, they were the piranha.

Sure they’d represent me, but I had rental property so it would be an upfront fee of $10,000 “to review the case”. If I’d had that kinda money I wouldn’t have needed their help.

Now a lot will think that all I did was go out and buy houses with nothing down techniques and start collecting rent, but nothing could be further from the truth. I bought single and double family houses that were in boards, and then I, all by myself, did whole house rehabs on these places. I replaced walls, electrical systems, plumbing systems, heating systems, roofs, carpet, bathrooms and kitchens all. I did all the labor. And I was credited with starting whole neighborhood housing revolutions in 2 of the neighborhoods I owned in.

I was using Credit Cards, finishing the houses one at a time, renting them out and then refinancing the houses to pay off the credit cards. I’d done 5 and made an agreement to do more with my Bank. They agreed to future financing on any new projects, I did 4 more houses, went to refinance them and was completely stonewalled from any financing. Never a late payment on anything, all houses fully rented. Later I found out just how profitable it really is to foreclose for the Banks.

When I lost, I had, by the Banks Appraisals, over half a million in equity. Now that’s not total equity, it was double that, that was MY equity. Through the wonder of “Deficiency judgments” the Banks took all that. And between add on’s and Court Fees, they took another $100,000, forcing me into Bankruptcy. I filed Chapter 7, total and complete.

And for the next 12 years after filing Bankruptcy, that very same Bank reported on my Credit Report that I still owed them all that money and hadn’t been making payments on it. Ruining my credit at a time in the US when everyone was living high on the hog on credit, I had none.

I took Credit Clearing Courses, I sent in over 100 letters, the Bureau’s would contact the Bank and the Bank would say something like “you know, he’s right, he doesn’t owe $28,000 on that one, he owns $62,000! And my Credit Report would get adjusted WORSE! They once had me owing $6,000,000.00 on 5 houses in neighborhoods where $40,000 was a luxury home.

Having 3 kids and child support, I tried job hunting, being previously a Senior Network Administrator for my State Govt. No jobs! Besides having experience and excellent references, my credit rating kept me from employment. Child support got late, the courts forced me to take a course in how to find a job. I submitted 400 applications in one day. When I went in front of the judge with the results 1 month later, I gave him BOTH of the “don’t call us we’ll call you” replies. He asked me why, I explained my credit issues. He understood and let me go, never to bother me again or offer any solution or even hope.

I said all of the above so you would understand my qualifications to speak on this subject.

I have lived the life, walked the walk and am still living it. I have been in foreclosure, again, for 3 years come this February. I’m a better fighter now though.

And here… I want you to stop for just a moment and pay attention to how you feel about your own situation. Right or wrong, good or bad, I just want you to stop and take a moment and get it squarely in your mind how you feel in general about your own situation.

Depressed? that would be pretty normal.
Defeated? yea, that’s a big and normal feeling too.
Humiliated? that’d be another one…
Rejected by Society? Alone? Unappreciated? Hopeless? all of these would be normal…

If you can think of any more just email me back and I’ll add them to the list!

Now I want you to take all of those feelings and place them in a bucket inside your mind somewhere. We need to place them out of the way, off to the side, don’t worry, they’ll still be there if and when you want them back, and they’ll show their ugly faces even if you don’t want them back, but for this little exercise you really need to gather them up and put them aside.

Cause you’ve been screwed! And you need a clear mind to digest what I’m trying to say here.

All on those feelings I’ve described above, those are the feelings that the people who’ve screwed you want you to have. They want you to feel guilty about your situation. They want you to feel hopeless. They want you to just give up. They want you to suicide out… Because that’s how they win.

As Americans we’re taught that we have rights. WRONG! It’s a tenant of our law that if you don’t stand up for your rights, then you give them up.

That’s what the thieves want. That’s how this game is played. You don’t fight, they win. You commit suicide, they win. Simple isn’t it. Suicides is actually their PREFERRED method of winning. It’s just so final. NEXT!

Legally fighting them, that’s the one they hate the most. It costs them money.

What do you think would happen if EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE (including you!) already or getting foreclosed on, filed counter-suits against the Banks? For the sake of this argument, ridiculous or not counter-suits. We would have a HUGE flow of money going out of the Banks, and into the Attorneys of this Country’s pockets! That’s bad for the Banks! The Banks wouldn’t always win.. again bad for the Banks and our Courts, ya gotta love em, after a while they’d start sanctioning (as they should already be doing now) so they could make some of that banker money too! Once again Bad for the Banks.

These Bankers, they’re pretty bright bulbs you know. Specialists in finance, marketing, math, social sciences, psychology….

They sit around and get paid oodles of money just to figure out how WE will react to circumstance. That’s why they want you to live in that bucket of feelings you set aside above. It’s more profitable for the Banks. They’re all about control.

As I said above, you’ve been screwed. You were lulled into complacency with easy credit, you were cajoled into that wonderful feeling of false security with add campaigns and they were teaching you all just how smart you all were to be rolling your credit card balances from a high interest to a lower one (of course the real object is to make you think about your credit card more hours of the day… all hail credit!) You got frequent flyer miles, you got checks for extra credit in the mail, you got a free $100 if you opened your account here or there. All of it solely designed to raise their necessity in your lives while slowly brainwashing you. You thought you were being made love too.. you weren’t made love to, you were screwed.

And then the morning came, and they had other things to do, so they up and walked away. Taking their credit with them. Knowing the position they put you in and knowing what next to do to take whatever they wanted from you.

Pissed? I am.

But it’s not politically correct to get mad anymore!!!

Who’s spouting that crap! I’ll bet he’s got a wad of cash and Corporate backing. If you’re reading this I assume you don’t.

This Country was built by pissed off people. Riots, demonstrations even war. Not that I’m espousing war, I am not. At least not the kind where we go out and kill people.

There is a saying I’ve found that describes my feelings very well… “war is the result of justice too long delayed”. And, by and large, from the decisions I’ve read coming out of our court systems, justice is being WAAAAAAYYYY too long delayed.

So, from the mind of a 15 veteran of foreclosure, I say this to you all. Forget about suicide. It’s counterproductive to the problem. You’d only be helping the enemy and is that really what you want? You want to help an enemy to destroy the Greatest Nation in the Planet Earth’s history? Even in your deepest depths of depression, and yes, I’ve been there, just check out the graffiti on the walls in the Valley of depression to find my initials, I don’t think you really want to add to the ruination of this country.

So the war is on. We foreclosure fighters don’t need dead bodies, we need live ones who will engage the enemy. We need people willing to dedicate their time and energy and whatever resources they can personally muster to find the ways, find the means and help in the fight against these buttf_ckers! And we must engage the enemy on THEIR GROUND and on THEIR TERMS. That means in the Courts and in the public eye. And most importantly, in their pockets!

This is a tough fight. The odds are overwhelmingly against us. They have unlimited resources, including our Government (which BTW we’re supposed to own). The Laws are a myriad of obfuscated and biased hurdles that must be at the least understood. And they’re different in every state and also in every County! And the people administering the Law, well, most of them graduated from college well before the concept of securitized mortgages was even invented. It may not be a crime to be ignorant, but it sure is unhandy when you’re fighting Goliath and the Judge has no clue as to the legalities of mortgage transferring within the realm of securitization and really, usually, hasn’t even read your defense. And that’s the way it’s been so far in most cases.

But things are getting better. Information is now out there. Some people are actually getting their houses back! And sometimes, they get the house and it no longer has a mortgage on it. But rightfully, letter of the Law legally, this is still no ways near the law. There are several defenses that destroy the Banks rights to collect on that debt. And there are many, many more, that if the violations are included within your particular case, should LEGALLY, LAWFULLY and JUSTIFIABLY result in several thousands, like 6 figure several thousands, of dollars in penalties ALSO awarded to the homeowner. They started it and the Laws are on the books, you deserve to be compensated for your misery, despair and even the inconvenience of having to fight in the land of the Law. If you fight for it, then it IS your right as an American.

But hey, you came here because you were thinking about taking the long, cold walk anyway right?

Here’s a thought. Give it 6 months to today, whenever today is. Vow to educate yourself just as much as you can about the screwing you got and where it came from, how it came, who were the players? Did you look deep enough? It’s easy to think you have it, and then another week goes by and you find out it was deeper than you thought! More Players!

And it’s that way ON PURPOSE! You can’t forget, the real players (be they individuals , Corporations, Governments or Cartels or whatever) in this mess hired the elite of the smartest the education industry could produce to invent and carry out this mess and Scapegoats have been around since before Jesus’s days. Robo-Signers? = scapegoats. Lawyers who got rich building business’s with the Robo-Signers? = Scapegoats. A millionaire these days looks rich, but the Forbes 400 richest men on the planet hasn’t had one millionaire in it for years. These guys and/or Corporations are Billionaires and Trillionaires.

We need your help whittling them down to size.

Your Credit rating is sh_t. My Grandpappy and his Father and his Father and his Father going back to when my Great, Great, Great (by the power of however many it takes) crawled from the slime and stood erect never even had a credit rating and they survived good enough that I get to enjoy my morning coffee. It was a created illusion. Part of “their” plan.

“This is all just to confusing and I’m never gonna be able to figure it out”… SO WHAT! The fight won’t be one by just one smart cookie with a silver bullet, it’s gonna be won by countless individuals standing up and at least pretending to exercise the rights we’re all supposed to have by right of being an American! LEARN! Knowledge is the real power and that’s what they’ve stolen from you. The WANT to know. And if you lose, come on back for rounds 2, 3 and 4 and 12! Find a way!

“But my situation is different!” REALLY? Different from every one of the last few MILLION who’ve already lost their homes? Somewhere, someone else is going through exactly what you’re going through right now. Find them, talk to them, help them out as best you can. You’re not alone and neither are they. We’re Americans one and all. In times of crisis we help. And we’re not the Govt., we actually DO help.

Now remember, that bucket of feelings I talked of earlier? Well you’ll still have it in six months. You own it, it’s now an integral part of you and the Banks are going to do whatever they can to make sure you wear it as much as possible… remember.. that IS their game. And they are studied and good at what they do.

But just keep that bucket of feelings off to the side for a while. It’s not often easy, but you’re eventually going to need all that stored up emotion, because that’s where the motivation lies to fight these b_stards.

When you start feeling depressed, down and out, alone and all those other horrible feelings, and believe me, you will, I want you to ask yourself, at the very first bad feeling, I want you to ask yourself, what just brought that on? Something on the News? They control the news. Someone else down and out and it reminded yourself of your own situation? Well guess who’s the ones responsible for that other person (most likely) in the first place? How about, I just can’t help it, the feelings just come out… OK, when you’re feeling that way, remember first, you’re not alone and then recall who put you there. It’s OK to be angry. We’re all humans and that means we all got a full range of emotions coming into this world. You just gotta learn to direct it in the most productive direction that you want it to go. You can, you have before. No one lives in this country without learning to handle their anger… unless maybe you’re in prison. There’s a lot here to be angry about.

You can do this, you are NOT ALONE and We NEED your help.

You’ve been lied to and disillusioned for years! But take my word for it, if the sun comes up in the East in the morning and sets in the West in the Evening…. it’s a good day! Recognize that fact. Everything else is just icing on the cake… let’s whip these b_stards and reclaim our heritage and our lives.

And in 6 months, to the day, when you get out that bucket of emotions and don those robes again, if you still feel the same way, goodbye. I won’t grieve for you. From my perspective, you went the wrong way. You didn’t learn to take that bucket of emotions and use it as your god intended… to defend yourself. You didn’t learn the biggest lesson in life… how to turn the fight and struggles of life, into having fun. More the pity, we could have used your help

John R.



Reposted with permission from The Washington Post comment section on Your Take »  What impact has foreclosure had on you and your family?