This comes in from Matt Weidner…


I cannot verify the accuracy of this, and given the magnitude of the issue presented, I’m not going to stick my head out to much, but this Order appears to cancel ALL FORECLOSURE SALES IN AT LEAST ONE DIVISION IN ONE OF FLORIDA’S BIGGEST COUNTIES.

Now I know it’s only for a short period of time and it may only be for some sales and not all, but the extraordinary thing about this Order is it shows how one judge is exercising the broad discretion and power within his jurisdiction to address what has got to be hundreds of cases.

Regardless of the scope of this Order or the number of families impacted, it is so significant because it is a powerful, very significant counter balance to the prevailing judicial wisdom that all courts can do is sign foreclosure judgments and set sales.  This Order makes it clear that this judge at least believes he can (for whatever reasons led him to sign this Order) stand up for consumers and homeowners and make bold statements about cases in his courtroom.

These kinds of Orders need to get the attention of press, other judges, the lenders and attorneys.  We need more Orders and More Judges Like This.

We Need Judges to Stand Up Like This For Floridians, For Our Neighbors, For Our Families!

If someone can figure out this judge’s address, please get it to me then I will ask everyone in this community to send this good judge some Holiday Cards and honest, good Christmas Cheer!

For You Reporters Out There….WHAT A CHRISTMAS STORY…what a dramatic contrast to that depressing old “It’s a Wonderful Life Story!”

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