ATTENTION PLEASE:  ALL weary, embattled foreclosure defense attorneys.  It’s time for another First Fridays Lunch & Learn!  This month’s topic is “Depositions & Discovery Tactics“.

Please join us on Friday, January 7th at 12pm as Melva & Richard host their monthly Lunch and Learn.  Please pass on this invitation & post on your attorney listserves.  Running out of food is so gauche so please RSVP as below so we avoid this unforgivable social gaffe!

These working lunches serve as an opportunity to exchange information, network, share pleadings & case law, and regale war stories.  This month’s meeting is an open floor forum to discuss and share experiences and issues, and to compile suggestions for future speakers or topics for 2011 meetings.

Even if you have a hearing or a trial scheduled that day, please try to make a point of attending.  We know how dangerous it is in the trenches.  We have medical triage, defibrillators, oxygen, and CPR trained paralegals standing by.

Meeting to be held Friday January 7th at 12pm at Legal Aid in West Palm Beach 423 Fern Street, Suite 200 – West Palm Beach, FL 33401 – Phone: 561-655-8944 – Toll Free: 1-800-403-9353

Please RSVP to Richard Carey, Esq at or  (561) 247-1266.