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Leaked document shows Lee Co. judges tried to fix foreclosure error

A 4 In Your Corner investigation reigning in Lee County foreclosure judges? Judges not requiring banks to show how much homeowners owe…even though they’re supposed to.

Now, a leaked document has surfaced…showing Lee judges trying to fix their error.

Judge Thompson’s Second Order

Fighting foreclosure, Scott Shinneman and his lawyer Todd Allen realized there were 4 mortgage payments unaccounted for on his loan.

Scott: “They don’t know what our home’s worth; they don’t know how much we owe, we don’t know how much we owe. I can’t get an answer as to what we owe.”

So Allen asked the court to make bank Wells Fargo attach documents showing what his client owed… As the court’s own rules require.

Then came an order stating – in black-and-white – Lee County is not requiring banks comply with Florida rules.

Well that document went viral – posted on foreclosurehamlet.org, 4closureFraud.org and 4-In-Your Corner’s story appearing in a national finance magazine.

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Funny after all this, the court is still not requiring the banks to follow the rules…