Campaign Against Foreclosure Crimes in Fort Lauderdale Starts with Courthouse March January 13th at 4pm

According to a recent report by real estate site, criminal banks and apathetic politicians have stripped over nine trillion dollars worth of homeowner’s value since the economic crisis began. Ongoing investigations and hearings have made clear that this disaster was no accident, but was created by our largest financial institutions with criminal intent. And yet three years later, no one has been indicted for what is likely the largest thefts in world history.

This week advocates & victims of foreclosure crime will be marching through downtown Fort Lauderdale in the next stage of resistance to fraudulent banking practices. Recently, similar actions in California, Iowa, and elsewhere have decried the lack of criminal proceedings against the gluttonous megabanks, and for those of us that have had our rights violated, it is long since time to maintain a vigil until we receive justice.

Please join us in Stranahan Park on the corner of Andrews Avenue and Broward Blvd, January 13th at 4 pm with your signs and grievances ready. We will march a little over a mile past the offices of Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and others, ending at the County Courthouse.

Please also stay involved in this campaign and inform everyone you know to fight their mortgage and debt problems and discontinue business with banks involved in foreclosure crimes. & have long been a vanguard for foreclosure crime resistance in South Florida and will continue to hold regular workshops for homeowners, demonstrations, and other events. Your personal involvement in growing this mass movement is likely the only thing that can stop the world’s largest theft & hold its perpetrators accountable.

Banks to avoid include Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Wells Fargo/Wachovia, GMAC/Ally, and many more…invest in your community banks and credit unions!

For more information about foreclosure crimes and this event, visit,,
or call 813-919-9794. For the well-being of your family and communities, you must FIGHT BACK!



Foreclosure Flyer 01-13-11