From Urban Dictionary: The term “pigs ass” is used in many situations. It is most commonly used when someone claims something is not true.

“Excellent service”? Are you kidding me? Has he not heard about how they operate?

This guy is from the same law firm Judge Sasser came from…

Wouldn’t it be a conflict of interest for him to be on this committee when his law firm represents the banks?

Some quotes from the story…

State Sen. Joe Negron, a Republican from Stuart, fears government may be interfering too much in how businesses like banks operate.

“Where does the government have the right to tell the bank what’s in your best interest?”

“Doesn’t a bank have a right to foreclose on property if someone doesn’t pay the mortgage, even if financially it would make more sense to go to a short sale? Or is there some theory that I’m not aware of where the attorney general would have the right to tell a bank, ‘No, we’ve decided what’s in your best economic interest and we can enforce that’?”

Negron, a lawyer with the West Palm Beach-based Gunster law firm, asked Palmer.

Negron wanted to know whether the attorney general’s office had the authority to make such recommendations if no laws were being broken.

Negron also objected to Palmer using the term “foreclosure mills” when referring to South Florida law firms specializing in foreclosures…

“In most occupations, whether it’s making doughnuts or running a sporting goods store, having more volume is better than having less volume. It may, in fact, be a commentary on your capability and your competitive advantage rather than something that we should disparage,”

“Foreclosure mill could also be called very busy law firm because you provide excellent service to your clients.”

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