UPDATE: The Order posted earlier was the the result from Mike Wasylik’s motion.

Below is his commentary…

Here’s a great way to end a Friday: I just got an order in one of my cases throwing the case out of court, because the bank’s lawyers disobeyed a fairly simple rule that requires them to swear that the allegations in the complaint are true.

The Final_Order_of_Dismissal blasts the bank’s lawyers and I can only imagine the judge breathing fire, smoke streaming out of her nostrils, as she signed the order. Here’s a sample of what the Court said:

It is confiscatory of the Court’s time to have to address this matter. Repeat violations by the same firm, or by the same attorney, may result in imposition of personal sanctions, and issuance of an order directed to the attorney or firm to show cause why that attorney or firm should not be prohibited from filing further foreclosure cases in this Court.

In the language of the law, that’s just shy of calling someone too stupid to be dishonest. And to add a final twist of the judicial knife, the court sent a copy of the order to the Florida Bar.

Some judges get it. This is one of them.

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