Deadbeat Bank Gets Served


Above is the video of the service of writ on a Deadbeat Bank for failure to pay attorney fees to a foreclosure defense attorney. The bank involved in this mornings event was Virtual Bank in Palm Beach Gardens FL.

I posted earlier that it did not include the cash in the writ but it DOES, plus all ATM’s.

Basically the background on this case is the bank was not able to prove it had the right to foreclose on the home, the case was dismissed and the court awarded the homeowner’s attorney his legal fees.

After months and months of unsuccessful attempts to collect, the homeowner’s attorney received an order from the court to seize the banks property since the Deadbeat Bank did not pay their bill.

Although the above video shows the writ being served, the property has not been seized as of yet but it’s definitely worth the watch.

It was pretty awesome to see all the undercover cars roll up to the front lobby and watch Police get out of their vehicles in full tactical gear and enter the bank.

Word on the foreclosure beat is that the bank caved and stroked a check to the Sheriff on behalf of the attorney for over $30,000 and fired their counsel instead of having their property seized.

Gonna get a copy of the check if possible… HA!

Although we are a little disappointed that the banks property did not get seized, the attorney that represented the homeowner finally got paid. So all in all it was a victory.

Channel 12 was on site and so was another station. The Palm Beach Post joined us as well so there might be more to come.

Will post updates as we receive them. From what I understand, they owe the attorney more money so this may not be the last we see.

The Writ is below (as soon as I get it) with the items that were to be seized. The inventory was done before Christmas and included their Christmas tree. How funny would that have been if they got to take the tree!

We have more of these planned since it is not uncommon for the Deadbeat Banks not to pay their legal bills and will post them as they occur.

Any attorneys out there that would like assistance for similar events, with full video and media coverage of course, just let us know and we will assist in anyway we can.

Sorry for the wait! Enjoy!



Writ of Possession
(will upload as soon as I get it)