Now I’m am not condoning squatting but, but, isn’t this what you just call a document irregularity???


Couple under arrest

UPLAND – A couple living in a five-bedroom home on North Euclid Avenue were arrested Tuesday after investigators suspected an illegal case of squatting on the upscale property.

Richard and Pamela Scott were arrested by Upland police on suspicion of felony forgery, burglary and filing a false document with the county recorder’s office.

Richard Scott allegedly had forged a deed trust document for the property, in which he claimed ownership of it, and filed the document with the county, said Vance Welch, a deputy district attorney with the San Bernardino County District’s Attorney’s real estate fraud unit.

Scott had tried to cloud up the title owner sequence for the property by indicating on the deed that he was

granting the home to the Moorish Science Temple of America, and they were in turn granting it back to him, Welch said.

“What Mr. Scott did was doctor a false document and he had it notarized and he filed it in the County of San Bernardino,” Welch said. “At that point, your victim is not (only) the person who owns the house. The victim is the county because it impedes the county’s record-keeping ability.”

Police officers, who arrived with an arrest warrant Tuesday morning, had trouble getting the couple to open the door so they forced it open.

Richard Scott had run to the back of the house, but police were stationed behind it.

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