Well it looks like someone is very worried about SB1259 in Arizona.

Lobbyists and MERS Hire Lawyers to Kill Arizona SB 1259

The bill passed through the Senate Republican caucus yesterday.  MERS has reportedly retained Tri-Advocates, a division of Squire Sanders law firm to kill our bill, SB 1259, on Monday.  Why are they so afraid of truth telling?  A foreclosing party should be legally authorized.  It should be easy to come up with a summary of transfers that must have already occurred at foreclosure, for the conveyances of real property interests in the deeds of trust to be legal. more here…

I agree. It should be very easy to come up with the transfers, unless it was done illegally, right?

This should get interesting…

Reattached the bill below…

Link to Arizona legislator.





Arizona SB1259 Foreclosures; Proof of Ownership