Foreclosure: Robo-signing concerns forestall action

A 3rd Circuit Court judge Tuesday postponed ruling on a West Hawaii foreclosure case in order to give a family more time to prove declarations related to their home’s foreclosure were not only defective, but also signed by a professed robo-signer.

Pro se defendants Veronica Belshaw and husband, Steven Quan, contend Wells Fargo Vice President of Loan Documentation Xee Moua did not verify information and simply signed on April 1, 2010, foreclosure-related declarations for their home located on Kalaniuka Street in Holualoa. Moua, in a March 9, 2010, Florida Circuit Court sworn deposition, admitted she signed up to 500 foreclosure-related papers per day without verifying information contained in the documents.

Because of Moua’s involvement in the Florida robo-signing case, Belshaw said the couple believes their home’s foreclosure declaration papers are defective. The couple is seeking to have an October 2010 judgment and decree of foreclosure granted by 3rd Circuit Court Chief Judge Ronald Ibarra thrown out and the foreclosure case ultimately refiled. While the foreclosure could be upheld, Belshaw said she wants the declaration to at least contain the correct information.

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