Now this is interesting…

Per Lender Processing Services (LPS) press release dated 12/10/2010 responding to a Reuters article that LPS, apparently, found to be unfair:

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“Instead of casting blame on LPS, your reporter might more fairly have explained that LPS – on its own – uncovered and corrected deficiencies in practices that took place at a former business unit called DocX.  LPS not only shut down the DocX operation….”

“As was made clear to the reporter with whom LPS’ representatives spoke, documents signed in other divisions of LPS, such as its Default Solutions division, were prepared by attorneys hired by the servicers, were signed by employees with proper signing authority and there was no delegation of signing authority from one employee to another, as was the case at the DocX operation before it was shut down.”

Yet, in the LPS 10K filing with the SEC today (March 1, 2011), LPS is still reporting Docx as one of its Georgia-based subsidiaries:

(Document 4:   Ex-21.1 Subsidiaries of the Registrant as of January 31, 2011)

Cyberhomes, LLC
Espiel, Inc.

Look! Right there in between Cyberhomes, LLC and Espiel, Inc. is little ole DOCX, LLC.

So, what’s the deal, LPS? Is DOCX still a Georgia-based subsidiary of yours, or not? I am quite sure that the SEC would not appreciate such shenanigans….

Shenanigans are for Leprechauns.

(I suppose this is the point at which we get some explanation to the effect of, “Oh, well…we shut down the DocX with the lower case ‘o’ and the lower case ‘c’. The DOCX with the the upper case ‘O’ and the uppercase ‘C’—yeah, that one is still up and running.”)


h/t Angela

Lender Processing Services_Inc – 10-K – For 12-31-10 – EX-21.1