Maybe if the courts sanctioned the Foreclosure Mills and their clients for causing this mess they wouldn’t be broke…

Guess they rather charge the tax payers for the chaos these law firms caused instead…

Florida court system facing $72.3 million deficit

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida’s court system has frozen hiring and is bracing for possible staff furloughs due to a $72.3 million deficit blamed on a shortfall in filing fees after mortgage foreclosure cases dramatically declined.

Supreme Court Chief Justice Charles Canady last week wrote letters released Monday to Gov. Rick Scott and legislative budget leaders asking for a $21.7 million supplemental appropriation and $42.5 million in budget transfers to make sure vital functions continue through June 30, when the fiscal year ends.

“To meet the current funding crisis, the judicial branch has already implemented an emergency branch-wide hiring freeze and an emergency operating budget freeze,” Canady wrote.

If those steps aren’t approved, furloughing court personnel would be next.

“Such furloughs would cause severe disruption in the functioning of the courts,” Canady warned.

Canady stressed that the deficit is due to a shortfall in anticipated court filing fees, “not from overspending by the judicial branch.”

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