Oh – these are not the ORIGINAL Assignments – those are still in the vault (sure they are)


“In addition to transferring the mortgage through an unrecorded assignment at the time the assignee securitization trust obtains the loan, it has been industry practice for the loan servicer to have an assignment of mortgage executed and recorded in the name of the trustee for the securitization trust typically shortly before a foreclosure action is commenced. This latter assignment would be recorded to put record title into the name of the owner or holder of the loan, to eliminate any confusion about the assignee being the appropriate plaintiff to commence the foreclosure action. However, this assignment would not act to transfer ownership or holder status to that assignee, which occurred earlier, as explained above.

Although there exists a signed and notarized unrecorded assignment of mortgage in favor of the securitization trustee in a loan file maintained under contract by a custodian retained by the trust, in most cases it is very burdensome and costly to obtain that old, original assignment and more troublesome to record it, which is a document in favor of blank (that is, the name of the assignee is not filled in) and is dated, signed, and notarized years ago; it is generally less burdensome, more efficient, and less expensive to have foreclosure counsel review the current state of title and counsel or a document preparer prepare, sign, notarize, and record a currently prepared assignment, pursuant to appropriate corporate authority.”





Responses to Questions From Dan Ruetenik, 60 Minutes