Now how can David Stern sue the banks and Fannie/Freddie for services he has not been paid on when he didn’t pay his vendors for their work?

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I just would like to say Stern is so laughable it is really disgusting . I own an employment firm in Boca Raton I have an EXCELLENT reputation I was called by Stern’s firm and I was told they were TRYING to change their image. I worked with the firm and I placed certified Paralegals , I NEVER placed Attorneys because I knew their fate once at Stern these kids right out of school had no chance.

Anyway, all my candidates are working at other firms and they are great at what they do so great STERN had the balls ( WELL…maybe pebbles ) to use my services and when Citi, Fannie and Freddie removed the files I was left with invoices for tens of thousands of dollars and he has NOT paid me his President Stephen Bernstein, his Investor Services Rep Chris Simmons and his Gate Keeper Esther Surujon have been BSing me that they are going bankrupt and since October have not paid me Stern is suing for money my temps did and he did not pay me for.

If I sue him I feel it is throwing good money after bad I am available for any firm Stern is suing to let them know he hasn’t paid his vendors so he is stealing from us .I have no idea what happened to this guy he was so different he fooled all of us, he had loyal vendors, loyal employees he just had no soul how can he sue other firms for work he owes us for anyone have any ideas . I don’t think I can represent my own corporation in court . He is an animal. I worked with other firms and everyone paid their invoices he just wants to take people down with him.