“Mortgage Fraud Syndrome (MFS) is a new disease that is spreading in epidemic proportions across the United States of America.It develops as a result of a terribly frightening, life-threatening, or otherwise highly unsafe experience that you never expected or predicted would happen to you. Mortgage Fraud Syndrome has many symptoms and you may find that on certain days you suffer from all or just a few.”


MFS is similar in many ways to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The Victims of Mortgage Fraud Syndrome tend to avoid places, people, or other things that remind them of the event (avoidance), and are exquisitely sensitive to normal life experiences (hyperarousal). I can only speak for myself and others I have talked to but here are the symptoms.

Major Trust Issues

Lethargy  Major Depression  Severe Depression

Suicidal Thoughts  Homicidal Thoughts

Grief  Anger

Rage  Fear

Fear of Going to the Mail Box or Outside or Interacting with other human beings

High Blood Pressure and Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Paranoia  Frustration Panic Attacks

Fear, Shame & Guilt

Headaches  Tension  & Migraines

Insomnia &  Sleep Deprivation

Loss of Appetite

Excessive Use of Alcohol

Excessive Use of Drugs


A Bit of  History of MFS – Mortgage Fraud Syndrome – A New Disease Brought on by the United States Government with no known cure

Mortgage Fraud began many years ago I don’t really know the exact date. I am sure that at some point this economic recession we are in that date or period will be established probably back as far as 2000.  The frenzy and demand and money that could be made buying homes and fixing them with a band aid and then flipping them and making more money and looking for more projects to do the same made it easy for people to never have enough. Greed is good some think. Most do not care for anyone other than themselves and right now the worst comes out in people.

The loan programs and the sub-prime loans that were created gave every American the ability to buy a home but if you lived in Los  Angeles from 1987 to 2007 homes went up 300 percent – do you know anyone that had a salary and or raise that went up 300%? Maybe one of our trusted servants or someone in government – but other than that I know of no one.

Mortgage Fraud Syndrome started many years ago almost like I would imagine a staph infection starts – or a new  a disease that has a few cells that are infected and began to multiply and multiply and no one is paying attention because by the time the disease is discovered it is too late. It has passed the point of no return. It has infected so many – and crossed state lines and it is the big elephant sitting in the middle of the home – no on believes it began so many years ago I blame the Democratic Party and I was a democrat but our society is fraught with fraud in every industry – not just in the mortgage industry – what about the medical insurance companies or doctors that bill for services that have not been rendered. I have had over 250 medical clams since July of 2010 and believe me there are bills from doctors that I do not know even know who they are. Or there are bills that are for equipment that I never received. And then we have doctors who put in claims for so much money – they knew what they were getting in to and they bill the insurance company 5 times trying to get money.

What has happened to the world that I loved. Where have the honest gone? How do you know who to trust. Eventually you become like me – you trust no one. You isolate. You are sick in pain and wondering if you will have a home to have your 4th surgery in. How wonderful Now that I need social security I have to fight to get it. The building where I live denied my request for a payment plan although I was on the board for 18 months and I am disabled – physically mentally and emotionally. I had MRSA. MRSA kills people. I hope it does not come back.  And believe me there are nights like tonight where I wish it would just kill me. My spirit has been killed – my hope has been killed and the one that should be sitting front of front of the Congress is B of A – there is no more Washington Mutual am I the only human that notices that. Bank of America should be there – they should be held accountable.

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