Today is a statewide call-in day to make the banks pay.   With your help, we will make hundreds of calls in support of AB935, the Foreclosure Mitigation Fee.

AB935 is our chance to get $12 billion back from the banks, which will be used for schools, public safety, vital services and redevelopment.   If passed the bill with require the banks to pay a fee of $20,000 for each foreclosure.  Until now, the Banks caused havoc in our communities and got off with nothing but tax breaks and upper management bonuses.  With five days left before the first committee hearing the Wall Street lobbyists are working day and night to kill this bill!

Will you give five minutes right now to take on the Wall Street lobbyists?

Call Mike Eng at 888-342-6472  and then call John Perez at 888-342-6441.  You’ll hear a brief recording and then you’ll be transferred to their office so you tell them to Make the Banks Pay!

Tell them:  “Hi, my name is ________ and I live at ________.  I am calling to leave an important message for (Assembly Member Eng or Speaker Perez).  I am urging him to stand up to big banks and protect our communities by supporting Assembly Bill 935, the Foreclosure Mitigation Fee.  This will bring in $12 billion in revenue to state which can be spent on things I care about like ______.  Thank you for your time.”

After your call, click here and tell us what happened.

Remember, the five minutes you take to make these calls are the most important of the day!   With only five days to go before the first committee hearing, every call is critical.

Fight Back!

Peggy Mears, ACCE and the Home Defenders League

Full text of bill below…



Bill Text: CA Assembly Bill 935 – 2011-2012 Regular Session