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Mortgage Fraud Creates Headache For Wagoner Couple

WAGONER, Oklahoma — Fallout from a fraud in the mortgage business creates a headache for a couple in Wagoner. Their mortgage lender went bankrupt because of fraud – in fact a top executive was convicted just Tuesday.

But the chaos the fraud created has led to a lawsuit here in Green Country.

It might seem like the mortgage mess is far away with huge companies – but it’s way too close to home for a lady in Wagoner who just wants credit for making every payment, on time, but instead – she’s being threatened with foreclosure.

Janna Metzger is a paramedic in Wagoner, but she spends a lot of time playing banker – because of a mortgage company that claims she owes them money she says she’s paid.

“One payment and I get letters of possible foreclosure,” homeowner Janna Metzger said.

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Metzger, Plaintiffs, V BAC Home Loan Servicing, L.P., Defendant