Officials Investigating Foreclosure Fraud In Ingham County

Dozens of mid-Michigan homes were foreclosed on illegally. That’s according to the Ingham County Register of Deeds. He’s investigating numerous cases of foreclosure fraud. Big banks are in the hot seat. Officials say several dozens homes were foreclosed illegally.

Three signatures all read Linda Green, Vice President. Her name shows up on at least 60 home mortgage documents in Ingham Count, but none of them look the same.

Curtis Hertel: “If you look at the signatures, it’s amazing that they thought they could get away with this.”

Ingham County Register of Deeds Curtis Hertel says they’re forged and are the work of some of the nations biggest banks who’ve used phony documents to speed up the foreclosure process, so instead of paying 17 bucks to file the forms, Hertel says those banks paid employees to sign names like Green and Tywanna Thomas as a shortcut.

Curtis Hertel: “What they ended up doing was sloppy, lazy and a fraud.”

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