Last Year’s Rally


We are all paying for the cost of the economic crisis caused by the Wall Street banks. Millions have lost their jobs and their homes. Millions more have seen their housing prices plummet and their neighborhoods deteriorate. Now, we are facing massive budget deficits that are threatening to undermine the very fabric of our nation.The foreclosure crisis has claimed the homes of an estimated 1.2 million California families.  The cost to Californians alone has been more than $650 billion.Despite this tremendous human and financial cost and their record $12.4 billion in profit in 2010,Wells Fargo hasn’t paid hasn’t paid their fair share to help homeowners or communities recover.If this strikes you as unfair, then join hundreds of homeowners, workers and clergy on May 3 for a march and rally at the Wells Fargo Annual Shareholders Meetingin downtown San Francisco. Participants will take their message straight to the bank leadership, calling on them to pay their fair share and act now to keep families in their homes, stop predatory lending, and stop financing private immigration prisons.RSVP for the Action on Facebook now!April 27, 2010 March & Rally at Wells FargoLast year, over 1,000 people marched with us and joined this fight, will you help us exceed that number on May 3rd and make your voice heard? You can watch a video from last year’s march & rally here. Download a flyerfor the event.This event is the first of a series of public actions that homeowners are organizing at Big Bank Shareholder Meetings throughout the month of May. With the Attorneys General investigating the illegal foreclosure practices of the big banks, it’s crucial that we keep pressing for a justice for homeowners and communities that have felt the pain of the crisis.Join us on May 3!

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March & Rally at Wells Fargo’s Annual Shareholders Meeting 


When:   Tuesday, May 3  @ 11:30a.m.


Justin Herman Plaza

(Embarcadero & Market Streets, San Francisco)

Buses will leave at 10:00 am-

*Antioch Church Family

(55 E. 18th St., Antioch)

*CCISCO RIchmond Office

(510 Macdonald Ave., RIchmond)

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Wells Fargo May 3 Flyer