The Foreclosing Adventures of Pinocchio

Posted by L

The industry is scrambling to clean up their mess – yes, the one that crashed the global economy & left millions of Americans jobless, homeless, dispossessed, destitute.  Their puppet politicians, regulators, & law enforcers have been, with a few notable exceptions, compliant with their marching orders.  Much of the mainstream media has likewise been deferential, willing to play it’s part as the industry-friendly propaganda machine.

Here’s how the clean up looks on a micro level.

ONE MORTGAGE in Florida to Ameripath in 2007 for $384K here.  Ameripath the originator who entered into a consent order with WA state Dept of Financial Institutions for predatory lending practices.

Strangely TWO foreclosure cases by Deutsche Bank National Trust as Trustee (each with a $1,900 filing fee) by Marshall Watson filed in 2009  Lis Pendens with case numbers Feb 2009 here and July 2009 here.

FOUR Assignments of Mortgage.  A practice in folly.

Assignment One: New Century Mortgage comes out of nowhere acting as attorney in fact for the mortgage servicer HomeEq and assigns the mortgage to Deutsche Bank

Assignment Two: Ameripath, the originator, files in 2009 an assignment of mortgage allegedly executed in 2007 from Ameripath to New Century.

Assignment Three: Is actually a refiling of Assignment Number One: New Century attorney in fact for HomeEq assigning over to Deutsche Bank.

Assignment Four: In 2010, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as Trustee (Ocwen address — what happened to HomeEq?) assigns this non-performing loan into a 2006 REMIC trust (wonder what the investors – aka 401k & pension funds – have to say about that).

The two foreclosure cases?

Case One: Docket closed (presumably someone caught on to the fact that there was another active case on the same exact issue involving the same mortgage and the same litigants).

Case Two: The most recent docket entry reveals that the judge ordered Deutsche Bank to file something of merit within 30 days of April 4, 2011 or else the case will be dismissed without prejudice.