Does it EVER END???


One last chance to stop ‘leadership funds’

Excerpt from the report…

No matter what else this 2011 Legislature does, wise or unwise, it has done one thing that screams for attention.

It has legalized its own direct bribery.

It did this on March 24, when it voted to override former Gov. Charlie Crist’s veto of House Bill 1207 from the 2010 legislative session.

They have made it legal to pay off the Florida Legislature.

It is now legal for the leaders of both parties, in both chambers of the Legislature, to directly operate “leadership funds” that take unlimited contributions from those seeking favorable treatment.

Check out the report in full here…

What’s next?

Disappearing bank legislation in return for principle reduction?

Oh, yea. Right. That already happened in Arizona…



HB 1207 2010 An Act Relating to Campaign Financing
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