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Greetings from Key West.  Great jobs you folks are doing, keep up the fine fight.  Key West the Newspaper has given me the chance to do a multi part expose in their weekly.  Here is the link to the first article.

Keep up the fight.



Untangling the Foreclosure Mystery


Guest Commentary by Matt Gardi

How is it that so often I am reading a news article and find myself pleading with the reporter to ask the next question?

So often it seems reporters will just leave the story with one major disconnect that could put all the pieces of the puzzle together. That was the case again recently with an article regarding foreclosure in the Sunday Citizen. The worst part about it is that the story was just starting to scrape the surface of what very few journalists have been able to expound upon.

Granted, the reporter may have been limited by the confines of column inches, or the directive of editors telling him to be concise, but why can’t reporters just dig a smidgen deeper versus regurgitating the same old rhetoric about foreclosures that’s passed around the AP wire?

Fortunately, it’s why everyone should, and I do, love Key West the Newspaper. They are concerned about the truth, and making sure you know it. To that end they have provided me the opportunity, in a forthcoming series of articles, to provide an explanation of how it all ties together. In the next few weeks I hope to enlighten you on how bank fraud, your property values, everyone’s due process, our tax base, robosigning, court budgets, banks, Pam Bondi, the Florida Bar, real estate agents, overwhelmed judges, and market confidence all twist together like one large screw applied firmly to a certain part of your posterior anatomy— regardless of whether you are a homeowner, a pensioner, a taxpayer, or just someone who breaths oxygen—trust me you’re feeling it.

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