Remember that “Deadbeat” Ex-Marine, Single Father of Three, Who Payed on Time, and got Foreclosed?

And, do you remember how they Changed His Locks, Illegally?

Well it looks like he just got a break, temporally at least…

However, this is still outrageous in so many ways…


Caught up in mortgage mess, Milwaukee man gets a reprieve

A six-month reprieve has been issued to Keon Williams, the north side man whose home was sold at a sheriff’s sale in January even though he was current on the only mortgage he knew he had.

The agreement filed in Circuit Court on Monday between attorneys for Williams and attorneys for Harris Bank prevents the bank from concluding its purchase and evicting Williams from the N. 44th St. home until Nov. 12.

An earlier court order preventing completion of the sheriff’s sale was to expire this week.

The delay provides time to try to resolve the mortgage issues swirling around Williams either through negotiations or court action.

Williams, whose dilemma was the subject of a Journal Sentinel report last month, has been teetering on the edge of eviction for months because he is caught in a vise created by the national mortgage meltdown and some fast dealings by the now-defunct Central States Mortgage Co. and an affiliated company.

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