“Yet among the total 46 foreclosure fraud cases closed so far, none have resulted in any sanctions against attorneys – including David J. Stern, whose Plantation operation once employed more than 1,000 people and became synonmous nationwide with the term “foreclosure mill.” Stern, who is the target of a civil investigation by the Florida Attorney General, also has faced bar scrutiny since last year.

Foreclosure fraud complaints flood Florida Bar but no lawyer reprimands so far

Complaints about foreclosure fraud are pouring into the Florida Bar, with four times more cases pending than there were six months ago, as property owners trying to save their homes increasingly take on their banks and their lenders’ lawyers.

The bar, which regulates lawyer conduct in Florida and most states, has opened 202 foreclosure fraud grievance investigations since November, with 226 now pending. Such complaints target lenders’ attorneys, some of whose huge practices process thousands of foreclosures a month.

These practices, nicknamed foreclosure mills, have been making headlines for months as they face accusations by homeowners and state regulators of allegedly submitting false or misleading paperwork, and having employees “robosign” piles of documents without verifying them.

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