Again, for those of you that do not know the term, “It’s On Like Donkey Kong” I provide the definition below…

“A phrase to denote that it’s time to throw down or compete at a high level; something is about to go down. The use of the comical video game character Donkey Kong provides comic relief but the phrase itself has greater or more significance than simply its on.”

Okay, now they have gone too far. And sorry, this is absolutely BULLSHIT.

Look, I get it. The intimidation, the threats, the indictments, the lawsuits, the lies, but now you people want to mess with someone who has NOTHING to do with what you fraudsters created in the first place.

This is a kids life you are trying to destroy. Have you no shame?

This is ABSOLUTELY unacceptable Akerman Sentertfitt… We will track your every move on this and expose it to the public as best we can.

I already monitor your ip addresses, your visits to this site from inside your offices, I even have a contact on the “inside” of your firm who is DISGUSTED on how you people operate. They love to talk… We even know things about your firm that you probably do not know.

You remember how Stern went down? Well…

See you in hell…

From the Huffington Post…

Deutsche Bank Sues Foreclosure Fraud Expert’s Son With No Financial Interest In Her Case

After she’d been sued, Szymoniak said, she began investigating the documentation on Florida foreclosures, uncovering alarming irregularities, including signatures that were apparently forged. If so, those signatures allowed banks to push foreclosures through overly quickly, charge improper fees and assert improperly inflated borrower debts.

Shortly after appearing on “60 Minutes” Szymoniak won a major victory in her own foreclosure case. The court found that Deutsche Bank was unable to demonstrate ownership of her mortgage, which had originally been issued by the defunct subprime mortgage lender Option One, and threw the case out.

Deutsche Bank was permitted to refile their case if they could obtain proper documentation, however. And on Friday, May 6, Szymoniak received a notification from the bank’s lawyers that she was again being sued for foreclosure.

But Deutsche Bank wasn’t just going after her. The bank was also attempting to sue her son, Mark Cullen, who is currently pursuing a graduate degree in poetry at the New School in New York. Cullen hasn’t lived in Szymoniak’s house for seven years and is not a party to any aspect of her mortgage — he has no interest in either the property or the loan, and never has had any such interest, according to Szymoniak.

“It is just absolute harassment,” Szymoniak said. “He doesn’t own anything, for god’s sake! He’s getting a masters in poetry. He not only doesn’t have any money, he’s never going to have any money.”

If you can stand it, you can check out the rest here…



Foreclosure Fraud on 60 Minutes