“I don’t have the legal ability to prosecute, but I have the responsibility to represent my constituents and report something that looks fraudulent.” John O’Brien


You would think that PBC’s clerk of court would be concerned about the massive fraud that is being played out in her county’s public records since this is ground zero, but I guess not…

From Sharon Bock’s Clerk & Comptroller website…

The Palm Beach County Clerk & Comptroller is your public trustee, responsible for safeguarding public records and public funds. The Florida Constitution established the Clerk & Comptroller as a Constitutional Officer, directly elected by and accountable to Palm Beach County citizens.

Duties & Responsibilities

What does the Clerk & Comptroller do?

What is the Clerk & Comptroller SUPPOSE to do?

The Clerk & Comptroller maintains and ensures the integrity of the Official Record Books of Palm Beach County dating back to 1909. Documents such as mortgages, deeds, liens, judgments and marriage licenses are recorded and entered into a computer system that is available to the public online and at all office locations.

From the Palm Beach Post…

Tip from Palm Beach Gardens woman spurs wide search for papers ‘Linda Green’ OK’d

By Kimberly Miller
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Officials from several states are pulling court documents bearing the name of the now infamous robo-signer Linda Green following a 60 Minutes exposé on foreclosure fraud that featured a Palm Beach County homeowner.

In Michigan, Massachusetts and North Carolina registers of deeds have combed through filings looking for Green, documenting irregularities in signatures and forwarding their findings to law enforcement, federal regulators and attorneys general.

In Palm Beach County, a spokeswoman for Clerk of Court Sharon Bock said the Linda Green issue does not fall under “our purview to investigate or take action.”

The clerk does not have authority under the statute to question the validity of a signature on a document presented for recording,” said spokeswoman Julie Nicholas.

It is the role of the home­owners and/or attorneys representing homeowners to raise any legal issues that they believe may assist a home­owner in a foreclosure case.

You can check out the rest over at the Palm Beach Post here…

So there you have it. It is too bad Ms Bock does not have the same passion to protect the very people who elected her as others do across this once great country such as John O’Brien, register of deeds for the Southern Essex District in Massachusetts, Jeff Thigpen, register of deeds in North Carolina’s Guilford County, Bill Bullard Jr., register of deeds in Oakland County, Mich., or Curtis Hertel, register of deeds, Ingham County.