“How do you hate a lawnmower? How do you hate a machine? A machine is just what it is,” Michael added. “This bank is an impersonal organization and they do what they do. They make money without regard for human life.”


Young Vallejo family loses a daughter and likely their home

Lender rejects Rep. Miller’s efforts and their appeals

For Roxana Kost, the hardest part was having to pack up her daughter’s room just three weeks after her untimely death.

“I don’t think I would have been ready for that for quite a while,” she said. “But the move has just forced us to suck it up in a way and confront our emotions before, perhaps, we’re ready to.”

Like many homeowners suffering the effects of the economic crisis, the Kosts are losing their “dream house.”

But the eviction couldn’t have come at a more deeply emotional time for the Vallejo family — on the heels of the death of their eldest daughter, Michaela, who succumbed to heart failure on April 27.

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